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  1. England was lovely!

    From the moment we landed until we departed, we felt safe, excited, enthralled, and mesmerized. The tour guide was professional, funny, and knowledgeable. We could not have asked for more perfect weather either. We loved everything and wouldn’t change anything.
    StonehengeOrBust / Adult traveller
    The Strand, CA / Posted on June 28, 2018
  2. Mind the Gap!

    This tour was well-paced and a great way to explore all of England's history. We had the chance to explore modern-day London on the tube, meander through Shakespeare's Stratford, celebrate Easter in medieval Salisbury, walk in the Romans' steps in ancient Bath, and take a step back in time at prehistoric Stonehenge! England has so much to offer, and we were able to experience all of it!
    Elle29 / Group leader
    Farmington Hills, MI / Posted on April 09, 2018
  3. Awesome Adventure

    Everything was amazingly well-done. The tour directors were phenomenal. There was an appropriate mix of fun activities and educational experiences. Seeing theater shows in London was a particularly cool and memorable addition to the trip.
    Highly recommend this adventure for teens who want to experience a new culture in a safe, fun, and interactive way.
    Lizbeth / Student traveller
    Burtonsville, MD / Posted on April 23, 2017
  4. Fantastic overview of England

    We had an amazing tour of England! The students saw Bath, Stonehenge, Stratford, London, Oxford, etc... It was fast paced but enjoyable. Choose this tour if you're looking to introduce students to England without overwhelming them. This would make a great tour for a first time group leader as well.
    Kitscatt / Group leader
    San Antonio, TX / Posted on March 24, 2017
  5. Awesome views!

    It was a long ride from alberta to london but as soon as we were through security we had a wonderful tour guide. You must do the Jack the Ripper tour and the street art tour!
    AngieM / Student traveller
    Valleyview , Ab / Posted on September 09, 2019
  6. Great Experience!

    I had a wonderful experience touring England with an extension to Paris! Our tour guide was very personable and comfortable guiding us through England. The only thing I would have changed is the time we wasted on numerous occasions waiting on travelers in our group who were not comfortable traveling on public transportation and required additional time to secure a taxi to our common destinations. We were late to several time sensitive events due to the extra accommodations for a small number of our group. If you are planning to travel on an EF Tour, please be prepared to walk MULTIPLE miles a day, be on your feet, and take public transportation as a main method of travel. If you are uncomfortable or ill-prepared for this, you will not enjoy the magic of an EF trip like you should, and you might negatively effect the experience of others.
    Globetrotter131 / Adult traveller
    Cleveland, GA / Posted on July 10, 2019
  7. Wonderful experience & great opportunity

    From the food to the breathtaking scenery, this trip was nothing short of amazing! The architect was amazing & the history was so rich. I’m so glad we had the opportunity to go. Life there is so simple & minimal. It broaden my horizons & changed my perspective of life.
    Jaelsmom04 / Adult traveller
    Houston, tx / Posted on July 08, 2019
  8. Awesome

    The trip to England was amazing!!! The first day is always the hardest because your so exhausted, the time difference isn't as bad as people say it is. Our tour guide was amazing and she truly knew what she was doing.
    Grasy / Student traveller
    Oakland, Maryland / Posted on July 02, 2019
  9. Wonderfully planned

    Kudos to our tour director for the ability to keep our students engaged and interactive. Tour guides, with the exception of Paris, were informative, engaging and entertaining.
    Phooey / Adult traveller
    South Bend, IN / Posted on April 08, 2019
  10. Overall fun with some minor pitfalls

    It was pretty uneventful that we were able to look at but not go up the Eiffel Tower. I think the kids would have enjoyed going up the tower, since many will never go there again.

    I was not impressed with the first couple restaurants we went to and especially not with the hotel restaurants. The food was clearly frozen and warmed up, and reminded me of school cafeteria food. You would think that EF Tours would care a bit more in providing authentic and great food on a trip like this. I mean, we were in London and Paris and our meals were at Japanese and Thai restaurants. Very odd!

    One of the hotels we stayed in, in Bristol UK, was sketchy at best. It was one of the worst hotels I've ever stayed in. I paid for my own room and I was in a room the size of a closet. It was pitiful.

    Our bus driver was 2 hours late to the hotel to pick us up and drive us to the airport on the last day, so we almost missed our flight. This made the traveling experience WAY more stressful than it needed to be. EF Tours should have sent another bus right away when they realized it was going to mess with our flight.

    One evening our restaurant had forgotten our group booking, so we had only 40 minutes for everyone to scramble and try to get dinner. That was a hot mess.

    I have been on other tours with tour directors and I thought ours was pretty lame. I think the students were kind of tuning her out most of the trip because she didn't come off as very friendly to the kids, only to our group leader.

    The boat tour at night in Paris wasn't anything to write home about. You couldn't really see much and it was cold and raining. However, the Montparnasse Tower was. The sights from the top were breathtaking. I would recommend that again!

    Other than those things, the tour was fun. We got to experience quite a bit of places and things in both England and Paris.
    LibrarianLJ / Adult traveller
    Argos, IN / Posted on April 08, 2019

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