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413 China: Beijing, Xi'an and Shanghai
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  1. Once in a lifetime experience!

    I am so glad that I took my son on this trip with his school. It was amazing to learn about the Chinese culture firsthand while being there. Our tour guides were all awesome and I would recommend this once in a lifetime opportunity to anyone. How many people do you know that can say they have climbed the great wall, seen the Terracotta Army, and have seen the largest outdoor Buddha?
    StickyRice / Adult traveller
    Racine, WI / Posted on November 10, 2018
  2. Extraordinary China.

    Our Tour was to Beijing, Xi'an and Shanghai and the trip was excellent. Very interesting and educational for both students and parents. In addition to visits to the three major cities we were able to visit a Middle school in Beijing and interact with the students and teachers at the school. Students were able to participate in a Calligraphy class, follow a very informative tea demonstration and participate in Tai Chi classes at an ancient temple. Highlights of the tour included visits to the Forbidden city, hiking and running on the Great Wall and a wonderful visit to Xi"an to see the Terra Cotta warriors. Our Tour Director was excellent and handled all the logistics very well. Hotels were very clean and comfortable and our entire group enjoyed the fresh and varied food. Shanghai was another highlight and the kids enjoyed seeing the extraordinary architecture and new technologies.
    JJ21 / Group leader
    Raleigh NC / Posted on August 25, 2018
  3. Fabulous Tour!

    This tour was awesome! It was all I expected and more!. From the Forbidden City to the Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors and Hong Kong Island I could not ask for a better tour. The food was delicious and more than we could eat at every meal. Everyday presented us with another fabulous opportunity to experience and enjoy life in China. I would recommend this tour to everyone!
    GigiandPapa / Group leader
    Sebring, Florida / Posted on August 14, 2018
  4. It was a great trip.

    Our tour directors were superb, both in China and in Hong Kong. They were kind, accommodating and very knowledgeable about the country. It was a great experience for both students and adults on the tour. They made the trip a wonderful experience. The accommodations were good and accessible.
    Twinkle / Adult traveller
    New York, New York / Posted on July 09, 2018
  5. Where do I start!!

    I love trips w/EF...such a full trip! Not only do you visit the highlights but they take you off the beaten path. It’s always a safe trip w/so many adventures. This year after the tour we traveled to Shaoxing to visit my International Student. EF made all my travel arrangements which made my extension stress-free. I cannot say the best part because the entire trip was amazing!
    / Adult traveller
    Rockford, Illinois / Posted on July 01, 2018
  6. China is a MUST SEE!

    Holy cow! I have toured with students for years and have never taken a better tour. The food, hotels, sights, Tour Director, and local guides were all above amazing!
    The Great Wall, The Forbidden City, The Terracotta Warriors, and on and on...all were far more than we expected.
    cdnglobetrotter1 / Adult traveller
    Edmonton, Alberta / Posted on December 06, 2010
  7. Extraordinary learning experience

    Although I was a bit weary about sending my child to China on an educational tour, I had been there myself and knew deep down inside that the experience would enrich her life and open her mind to the wonders of the world. My daughter still revels when she talks about the culture she witnessed and the sites she visited. It has enhanced her desire to learn about ancient civilizations and other cultures. She strives to excel in school because she can now see the justification in higher education. From the flight to the food, there is not one complaint to be made. The tour guides were amazing and extremely knowledgeable and personable. If a parent truly loves their child and has the ability to do so, they should give the gift of travel with E/F. It is the most enriching experience!
    Carolina / Parent
    Hanmer, Ontario / Posted on December 05, 2010
  8. Life Changing

    For us, the Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai trip was the first step in what will be a longterm relationship between our school and China. As our school has always had international students from China, this trip provided a window into their world for all of us who participated. For students, it opened their eyes to a rich culture that is simply not a significant part of our curriculum, but will be huge part of their future world. For those of us in positions of leadership, it opened our eyes to the world of possible partnerships with this wonderful country. Two years later, we are in the midst of forming our first partnership with a school from northeast China. Bravo EF. Your tour was the spark!
    David57 / Group leader
    Edmonton, Alberta / Posted on December 03, 2010
  9. Welcome to China

    This trip was nothing less than AMAZING !!!!
    I loved every bit of the 9 days and every thing that I was exposed to, especially the culture.
    The people , the life style, the culture all gave me a better appreciation of what people's lives are like in other Countries.
    This was my first Expierence travelling away from the comforts of home and I was totally at ease every day as I knew that we had a wonderful guide looking after us and assuring that we were happy with everything.
    Now I have "the travel bug " and hope to travel more in the near future !
    Thank you so much EF tours
    Wren / Student traveller
    Victoria BC Canada / Posted on December 02, 2010
  10. Life Changing

    China was awe-inspiring! So many cultural differences made me and my daughter appreciate small things. We hit the ground running as soon as we touched down. Everything about China was colorful, vibrant, and simply beautiful especially Xi'an. I can't wait for my next EF Tour.
    Cadenza1946 / Adult traveller
    Atlanta, GA / Posted on December 08, 2019

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