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  1. We Made Memories

    We had the most memorable trip! My daughter, mom and aunt , Quebec City is so full of history and the old buildings were fascinating, I think every Canadian should visit this City! The Driver and Hostess were the best, they went out of their way to make our trip special, they surprised us and took us to the Ice Hotel, how lucky we were to see that, Montreal was my daughters favorite, she loved the Architecture. Everyone was very friendly, the food was great the accomodations were good. I would do it again for sure.
    shannie / Adult traveller
    100 Mile House, BC / Posted on December 07, 2010
  2. Wonderful!

    I had a wonderful time. I learnt a ton about Quebec that I had no idea about and saw so many beautiful things. I would definitely love to go again and would recommend it to others. We stayed in beautiful spacious rooms and had excellent meals that were traditionally "Quebecois" food, which I enjoyed. Overall it was a great time, had enough history, met new people, had great food, and got enough time to shop and roam the beautiful cities!! LOVED IT :)
    ChloBear / Student traveller
    Grande Prairie, Alberta / Posted on December 03, 2010
  3. Excellent trip

    This trip was of the highest quality on every level. My son found the mix of cultural and fun activities just right. The food was great, the schedule was full and the hotels were amazing.

    As part of the team that decided which company to go with, I found that EF Tours has the best price, but value that is significantly higher then the other options out there.

    Great Trip!!!
    HappyParent2010 / Parent
    Brandon, MB / Posted on December 03, 2010
  4. What a trip

    I was very impressed by the calibre of experience we enjoyed on our Bonjour Quebec tour. The tour guide was exceptional as he quickly learned the dynamics of the group and shuffled activities to meet our needs. Each of the events was top notch- the right amount of education and fun. My highlight was the haunted tour of Quebec City. I am not sure how the guide was able to do it, but she kept our entire group enthralled throughout. The rain, thunder and lightening helped to create an experience that will not be soon forgotten.
    StGeo / Group leader
    Vancouver, BC / Posted on July 01, 2019
  5. Trip Of A Lifetime

    I absolutely loved this tour! I learned about lots of new historical facts and interesting facts in general about Quebec. The tour director of our group constantly kept the group intrigued and there was never a dull moment. Would definitely go on this trip again. I really recommend this trip to everyone and anyone!
    frenchie101 / Student traveller
    Portage la Prairie, MB / Posted on January 13, 2016

    The tour guide was awesome as was all the sight seeing!
    Beeeee / Student traveller
    Regina,Saskatchewan / Posted on June 18, 2015
  7. Bonjour Quebec!!

    It was good but very I was very tired. I had fun!
    BearBear / Student traveller
    BC / Posted on April 16, 2014
  8. A Great Time!

    We were fortunate enough to have an excellent tour director. I would suggest sitting at the front of the bus, that way you sit near the tour director and get to see more. Unfortunately, when in Quebec City, we stayed at a not-so-stellar hotel. They would not allow us to turn the air conditioning on and half of the people on our tour stayed in rooms much smaller than the other half of the people. Furthermore, the hotel did not have continental breakfast which was a shame. It would have been better to have continental. The traditional food we had on the first night in Montreal was not satisfactory; however, the following meals made up for it. The breakfast in Montreal was magnificent. We had a connecting flight from Toronto to Montreal, which proved to be good as some of the travelers needed the break from the flight. EF suggests being at the airport hours before departure, for us that was silly as airport security was closed and there were no employees at check- in yet. We got to the airport at about 12:30AM and waited until 3:30 in the morning before the airport staff got there. I would suggest not rushing to the airport as the tour suggests. This tour is a great way to begin traveling. Overall, the tour was excellent. The sights were amazing and the atmosphere was incredible. Definitely worth it.
    KSam / Student traveller
    Saskatchewan / Posted on February 23, 2014
  9. Fun, but expensive

    This was my first experience with EF Tours, and I was relatively impressed with the tour. The tour director was fun, personable and helpful, and the scheduled activities were plentiful, varied and rich. . However, I was a bit leery about the price, and I found that most of the events that were the most fun required some extra spending. Some of our breakfasts and suppers (the ones we didn't have to pay for directly) weren't exactly the greatest, either. Also, Hotel quality varied greatly. The first hotel we stayed at was great! The second was...less great. All in all, this was an educational and an enjoyable tour, but be prepared to bring lots of pocket money!
    Enmasque / Student traveller
    Brandon, Manitoba / Posted on October 26, 2012
  10. Great trip!

    The Bonjour Quebec trip is an awesome trip that lets students see a little of everything - the old, the new, the history, and beautiful sightseeing. It was a great experience that we will remember forever!
    / Group leader
    Posted on May 27, 2011

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