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  1. Truly THE BEST of Italy!!!

    We adjusted the Best of Italy (BOI) itinerary a bit to meet our needs, and, WOW it far exceeded our expectations. We did the tour in reverse order, and it worked our perfectly for us! Our Tour Leader was truly exceptional, so she really enhanced our experience; however, even without her, the BOI trip is fabulously planned and delivered. We also did the BOI trip in 2014.

    We upgraded our meals, and it was well worth the cost -- I highly recommend this upgrade if at all possible -- what a difference!

    Our favorite cities were Florence and Siena (we added on a stop in Siena on our way from Florence to Rome). We also added on Pisa, which we enjoyed. Venice was great -- as I write this I realize that ALL the cities are great, which makes a fabulous tour! It truly is the BEST of Italy!
    Shana / Group leader
    Wilmington, DE / Posted on April 04, 2016
  2. Amazing trip to Italy!

    We just returned from the most amazing trip....the Best of Italy. It has always been my dream to visit Italy, and EF made it possible for both me and my son. I really enjoyed the walking tours and personal attention from our Tour Director, she always made sure we were having a good time and gave us great tips for things to do during our free time. I've read some negative reviews about EF tours, but our experience was fantastic. We are looking forward to traveling with EF again.
    Eyeswideopen / Adult traveller
    Salt Lake City, Utah / Posted on June 30, 2015
  3. Culturally Enriching

    I highly recommend this tour to anybody and everybody. I saw Italy in just the perfect amount of time. The food was remarkable, the coffee was delectable and the shopping was impeccable!
    Karina / Student traveller
    British Columbia, Canada / Posted on April 09, 2013
  4. Italian Adventure

    My E.F tour was an amazing experience. Last Easter, I spent ten days travelling the beautiful Italian countryside. If it wasn't great enough that I was there, E.F tours made everything so easy, and I was able to enjoy the country so much more. E.F tours had tour guides prepared in every city we went to, so that I could really appreciate the culture and history with every monument I was seeing. E.F tours kept us on the go, but without tiring us out or making the trip unenjoyable. I felt satisfied that the vacation time had been used wisely. In just ten days I was able to get a good taste of all different parts of the country. And everywhere we went, we were well looked after, ate wonderfully and stayed a hotel in what seemed like the perfect location. All in all, I had a wonderful vacation with E.F tours; I felt protected, informed, and enjoyed myself to the maximum. I enjoyed E.F tours because it left very few of the deails for me to organize, and kept my vacation stress-free.
    Traveller123 / Student traveller
    High River, Alberta / Posted on December 04, 2010
  5. Awesome Adventure in Italy

    Our trip was fantastic from start to finish! Everything went so smoothly and we felt we were in the best of hands from the minute we met our wonderful Tour Director, Gabriella, at the airport. Within hours she knew all the kids' names and was teaching them Italian phrases and cultural differences -- her sense of humour and her enthusiasm were infectious. We all felt we had made a friend and we learned so much about an amazing country. Our trip was exciting and different and we had so many stories to tell our friends when we returned home - what an adventure! Can't wait to go on another one with EF :)
    Nakk / Group leader
    Ottawa, ON / Posted on December 02, 2010
  6. Incredible Italia!

    From the moment of booking a countdown began for the much anticipated trip to Italy. She was fortunate to be accompanied by her favourite teacher which eased my parental concern of safety. Many photos were taken to compile a beautiful scrapbook of memories. I especially like the video of the gondola voyage through the canals of Venice. Sampling new foods, visiting ancient historical sites and walking among the ruins are lifelong experiences to appreciate. Her excitement in describing her adventures on the well presented itinerary engages everyone who listens. She is thrilled when she recognizes places she visited on tv or in movies. I'm sure such a positive experience through EFtours will make her a lifelong lover of travel. Thank you for providing that for her. Ciao!
    mbenz79 / Parent
    Smiths Falls ON / Posted on December 02, 2010
  7. Incredible Journey

    This was an amazing tour from the time we left home until we returned home.

    This was my first EF tour. I accompanied my son & his travel group from our community. We meet many wonderful people along the way and had a great trip. It was amazing to see how the students thoughts processed in seeing each new place and attraction.

    I had 2 favourites on this trip, I absolutely loved Capri and Venice.

    I enjoyed travelling throught Italy and seeing the different scenery and how each area is know for specific things.

    The food was good and it was nice to experience different desserts and pastries.

    This trip was great.
    Elizabeth / Adult traveller
    Gillam, Manitoba / Posted on December 02, 2010
  8. Wonderful Tour!

    Best of Italy was an amazing experience! Students were really impressed and engaged throughout the tour and truly had the time of their lives.
    TravelnTeachr / Group leader
    Posted on May 03, 2017
  9. great guide director!

    We had a wonderful time in Italy. The tour director was great with all of us as she solved any issues we had wth the rooms or food, etc. Great personality as well!!
    The rooms were fine but some way too small. The buses were confortable and great drivers were provided!
    The cities we visited were amazing and beautiful, great choices!
    lapiba99 / Adult traveller
    Plaistow NH / Posted on April 26, 2017

    The tour director was exceptional, hands down the best person. she was patient, kind and very informative.

    the only downside were the hotels, they could have been a little nicer.

    besides that I would recommend the tour to anyone.
    apple11 / Student traveller
    boston,ma / Posted on April 25, 2017

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