• gr8 m8

    It was a really well done tour, but it's very fast paced.
    / Student traveller
    Dallas, TX / Posted on March 23, 2017
  • Amazing Experience

    Went as a parent. First time on tour and had an incredible time with my daughter. The set food could be a little better, wish we could've stayed a little longer in some places. But overall great experience.
    MannyG / Adult traveller
    Alhambra , CA / Posted on August 17, 2016
  • Amazing trip

    This trip blew my mind. I loved everything Greece and Italy have to offer. the food is amazing.. so much ice cram. BUT! there was only a few things i didnt like to much. the bus we had in italy was horrible. smaller then our other bus so we were cramped, it was dirty from another tour or something, and the air flow sucked. Also the pizzeria we went to on our last night sucked, was so rude and it ffelt like we were a bother, unless we Shelled out more money for soda, beer or other food they ignored us. focus on customer services not on how cheap u can get an account.
    pepermint / Adult traveller
    Alhambra ca / Posted on August 12, 2016
  • Amazing!

    This was an amazing experience. The beauty of Italy and Greece is something to see. An awesome history lesson! Loved it!
    Somnocat / Adult traveller
    Knoxville, Tennessee / Posted on July 08, 2016
  • 8milesaday

    The overall tour was good, I enjoyed the many famous sites, I did not like eating on the road or the climbing of stairs in a hotel with a suitcase after a long hot day of touring.
    The experience you get when you come home You feel over whelmed with all the pictures you have taken and realize you did alot, saw alot, and experienced alot. The stories will be repeated to friends and family when they ask tell me about your trip.....
    Antebellum / Adult traveller
    Wake Forest, NC / Posted on July 07, 2016
  • Great trip

    This is was a great trip. The sites and hotels were very nice. Some hotels required us to travel very far in order to get into the main city, but we made due.
    BCF09 / Adult traveller
    Palmyra, NJ / Posted on July 05, 2016
  • Crammed in to Close

    10 days to much activity with no break. Went to several attractions but had no personal time to browse at the attraction to my satisfaction. The tour guides were excellent and knowledgeable but again I had no time to browse at the attraction. And riding on a bus or a boat are not considered breaks. :)
    Sameyeam / Adult traveller
    Milton-Freewater, Oregon / Posted on July 04, 2016
  • Epic Experience

    This was an experience to remember! Our tour guide was amazing and all our guides to each monument were amazing. The bus drivers were their own version of stunt drivers. If you have the opportunity take it, it is worth it for sure.
    / Adult traveller
    Milton-Freewater Oregon / Posted on July 03, 2016
  • Beautiful places

    Great enjoyment and the best tour guides and directors. So many interesting facts provided and hints /advice on the do and do not do. I would suggest this tour and any other by EF Tours to anyone interested in a learning experience.
    Perfecto / Adult traveller
    Deming, NM / Posted on July 01, 2016
  • Beautiful!

    Overall, this was a good trip. I think that the optional excursions were overpriced for what we got with them. The food could have been better and more relevant to the culture. The hotels and transportation were great! Our Tour Guide was exceptional. I really enjoyed visiting Greece for the first time and going to Italy again. I learned a lot on this tour and enjoyed making new friendships.
    Artistic / Group leader
    Florence, MS / Posted on June 29, 2016