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  1. Incredible Experience

    The trip was amazing! I have taken several EF tours in the past when I was in high school/college and this trip was just is incredible, if not more, as my previous trips. Our tour director was UNBELIEVABLE!! Please note she was Outstanding! She was professional, knowledgeable, funny, patient and organized. We were paired with 2 other groups (ATL and Ohio) and there were some challenging issues and she handled them with utmost professionalism. The rooms were great at each location and the local guides were good, especially the one for Delphi. Drivers were good as well. Only small negative was the ferry ship from Greece to Italy. Very delayed which was difficult since the original departure time was so late already. Would like to see a little more free time in Florence and Rome since there is so much to see.
    / Adult traveller
    Flower Mound, TX / Posted on July 11, 2016
  2. Wonderful Experience!!

    My daughter traveled with part of her Junior HS class to Athens, Florence and Rome. She loved it!!! Felt very safe and that the experience was remarkable. Commented that both her chaperones and guides were great. She was so busy she did not have time to be homesick. The educational experience was first class and could not be substituted with classroom learning. Thank you for taking such good care of her and keeping her safe.
    Hawks / Student traveller
    High Point, NC / Posted on July 05, 2016
  3. best experience

    This company makes traveling so much better! I loved everything like having a translator and getting entrance to many cool places without having to wait in line! Italy was my favorite but Greece was also great! I tell all my friends and family to book through them they will never regret it cause I sure do not! Another trip booked and I cannot wait.
    withlovelupee / Student traveller
    san jose, ca / Posted on May 23, 2020
  4. A Taste of Antiquity

    My daughter and I saw beautiful landscapes, art masterpieces, and genius architecture; we tasted delicious Mediterranean food; and learned about the history of the world. And we did a "little" shopping.
    Holiday / Adult traveller
    Jefferson, Wisconsin / Posted on January 06, 2020
  5. Great educational experience!

    Overall the tour was very well organized with a very knowledgeable TD. Good food, good accommodations and lots of fun for the students.
    Jonathan / Group leader
    New Brunswick / Posted on July 19, 2019
  6. So much to see!

    This tour allowed us to see so many interesting places in Italy and Greece! The students loved Rome and visiting places like the Colosseum and the Forum. The ferry ride from Italy to Greece was smooth and gave us a chance to rest from our 4 busy days in Italy. Greece was amazing!! We loved learning about Greek mythology and visiting the Parthenon. There were so many wonderful places to visit during this tour!
    Jules / Group leader
    Ingleside, Ontario / Posted on March 20, 2019
  7. Amazing trip!

    I really loved this trip! I miss it so much and I would totally do it again! I've been on two EF tour trips and they were both amazing. I wish I could go on another one!
    Lill / Student traveller
    Spanish Fort, Alabama / Posted on April 24, 2018
  8. All Over Greece and Italy!

    This tour was amazing! We saw so much in ten days and I love looking back at all the pictures.

    Background: We are a small homeschool group in Texas, and our curriculum extensively covers Western civilization and Biblical history. 8 of our students went. We were paired with a school group of about 30 from Canada.

    Director: Our tour director was one of the coolest guys I've met; he was calm and collected, and always helped us out when we had questions. He even taught us some Greek and Italian on the bus drives.

    Air travel: The air travel went by without a hitch. All flights were in coach. Seating was pretty random; none of our group sat by each other, but that was fine because we could sleep. Leaving from Texas, we had two layovers (North Carolina and London) then over to Athens. We met our other tour group in Athens.

    Bus: The tour bus was very nice. It was air conditioned with big windows and padded seats. A friend and I discovered that we could tip them back a bit and nap on the long drives, which was real nice. There were a few days with very long drives, but we did stop for bathroom breaks/snacks. Many of us slept or read during the drives.

    Hotels: The hotels were beautiful! I felt safe at the locations. We typically had 3 students to a room. The rooms usually had two beds and a cot, as well as a full private bathroom. Even the ferry had private bathrooms. The common areas were great for late-night card games and bonding with my group.

    Sightseeing: Be prepared to walk! My phone logged a anywhere from 2 to 8 miles a day. The sights are amazing and a lot bigger than I expected! The Colosseum was incredible and I completely fell in love with Florence. There was plenty of time to explore and take pictures on the free days, and the guided sections were very informative.

    Food: The food was all right. We normally ate breakfast at the hotel and dinner at either a restaurant or the next hotel. It wasn't stellar but it was filling. We were on our own for lunch, which was a good benefit. We could eat if we were hungry (our tour director gave fantastic suggestions!) or skip if we were still full from yesterday. Water was plentiful!

    Negatives: My biggest complaint was timing. I wish we could have spent more time in Florence or at the Colosseum. Make sure to pack light; we moving around to different hotels almost every night and lugging big suitcases around was a hassle. (Bring half of what you think you need.) Because we were often on the bus, many in our group caught the cold going around and I wish we'd brought some OTC medications.

    Overall this was a fantastic tour and I would absolutely do it again! The bonds and memories we made will last a lifetime.
    MissEgg / Student traveller
    Dallas, TX / Posted on February 28, 2018
  9. Great Great Great

    I had so much fun and met some lifelong friends. As an artist and student, this trip filled me with so much inspiration and appreciation after seeing the things I've studied about.
    HappyCamper123 / Student traveller
    Spartanburg, SC / Posted on October 25, 2017
  10. Too Much Time in Motion

    Athens is nice. Delphi and the Meteora region are candy to the eyes. Rome and Florence, as you already knew, are mystically splendid. The trip has the essentials to make it great, but the time spent travelling almost seems crippling. From Athens to Delphi, we spent 7 hours on a bus. From Greece to Italy, we spent literally 21 hours in transit (boat to Italy + bus ride to hotel). This...just didn't seem right, especially when it was advertised that we would have two days in Florence.

    In addition, I don't like that kick-back souvenir traps are being offered. We're talking about students here. There's no need for a student to pay three-times the price for a trivial souvenir. The only valuable thing that came out of these stops was a lesson in travel scams.

    Planners in-office before the trip were great. Guides were good. Tour director was effective.

    As always, there's potential for improvement.
    Thomas / Group leader
    Toronto / Posted on April 03, 2017

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