Local workshops

Group Leaders and their travel team are invited to join EF staff and other first-time EF Group Leaders for a full day of in-depth, interactive workshops. Offered locally in cities across Canada (such as Toronto, Montréal, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Moncton) work with fellow Canadian educators to develop the practical skills and confidence to handle any situation on tour.

The day is facilitated by EF staff as well as Experienced Group Leaders from your area. We highly encourage all Group Leaders and their chaperones to attend prior to leading their first EF tour. (And welcome Group Leaders who have been travelling for years as there’s always more to learn!)

The workshop is free to attend.

Topics covered

Tour logistics
Flights, meals, and hotels

Safety and security
Including run-throughs of “what-if” scenarios on the ground

Expectation setting
The important of a strong travel team and building traveller engagement

Money matters
Budgeting, tipping, and more

Making it work
Building a successful travel program in your school and community

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